Global Innovative Salon

Skills and techniques handed down from
generation to generation, and bold new perspectives.
Connect these, and you create new value and
new possibilities for the world.

At Kyoto Keizai Center 2019.07.05 FRI Information about first exchange event


Hiyoshiya is a historic Japanese umbrella shop in Kyoto, founded 160 years ago and now headed by the fifth-generation proprietor.
With drastic changes in Japanese society since the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868), until about 20 years ago Hiyoshiya was in danger of closure, but with the new business philosophy that “tradition is continuing innovation,” we have incorporated design perspectives into the techniques of crafting Kyoto-style umbrellas, produced new designer lighting and so on that suit contemporary lifestyles, and expanded our sales channels to the world.

Hiyoshiya and its group affiliate TCI Laboratory Co., Ltd. are utilizing Hiyoshiya’s technology and history to create new products and value by connecting people, time-honored techniques, and new perspectives. As Japan’s birthrate declines and its population ages, both the workforce and the number of consumers will decrease significantly. Meanwhile, information, communications, and technologies such as AI are rapidly advancing, and it is becoming impossible for Japan’s skilled manufacturers to survive as isolated companies or individuals.
As the domestic market shrinks, there is a growing need to target overseas customers in either inbound or outbound fields. In this era with its changing social environment, it is vital to develop products and services that adopt global perspectives, make broad connections in Japan and overseas, and incorporate open innovation methods that bring together people’s knowledge and wisdom.

Now, Hiyoshiya and TCI Laboratory Co., Ltd. are launching Global Innovative Salon, involving hundreds of people from Japan and abroad including artisans, small and medium-sized enterprises, designers, buyers, artists, and government institutions with which we have manufacturing and market development relationships, to create a forum for diverse players involved in and interested in global business to connect, share experiences, technologies, and ideas, and generate new products and value.

Global Innovative Salon

What is the Global Innovative Salon?

The Global Innovative Salon is a group of people involved in manufacturing and services who broadly share the principles of global open innovation. Participants include artisans, companies, artists and creators who directly handle manufacturing, as well as designers, producers, directors, government institutions, public organizations, NGOs, NPOs, research institutions, financial institutions, venture capital, investors, and individual and corporate supporters. All are welcome regardless of nationality, location or affiliation, if they can relate to our principles and share the will to take action.
We are organizing a wide range of activities geared toward people with global innovation needs, including lectures, workshops, and study groups useful for global business, research on case studies, business matching, networking, designer and buyer introductions, product and service development and sales support, global project launch support and regional development.
The latest information on activities will be posted on this site and on Facebook. First of all, we will hold an exchange event to introduce people to Global Innovative Salon . We look forward to seeing you there!


Global Innovative Salon
First Exchange Event

Incorporating open innovation methods into manufacturing and services and creating new products, services, and business through exchange among people from across the globe: the Global Innovative Salon is for people who share this vision.

The first Global Innovative Salon event will be a broad-based social networking event led by businesses, designers, buyers, and government officials involved with manufacturing in Kyoto. In addition to JETRO, based in Kyoto Keizai Center, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Kyoto Chiesangyo Sozonomori, more than 50 supporting organizations, Kyoto City officials and other government officials, Paris design incubation organization Atelier de Paris and a French artisanal guild are scheduled to participate, and we plan to present case examples of past overseas projects and hold panel discussions. All who are interested and can relate to the principles of the Global Innovative Salon are welcome. Please join us! Details are as follows.

Event details

  • Date and time
    Friday, July 5, 2019, 18:00 - 20:30
  • Place
    Kyoto Keizai Center
    3F Open Innovation Café
  • Participation fee
    2,000 yen (including food and beverages).

*Fee will be collected at the reception desk on the day of the event.

How to participate

There is no need to apply for the event, but if you are interested, please join us on the Facebook event page.

*Please prepare business cards, as we will collect them at the reception desk on the day of the event.

Facebook Event Page


Contact information:

TCI Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Yamamoto
TEL: 075-432-8751 FAX: 075-432-8051

Global Innovative Salon